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Intense competition and the pace of change require that companies invest in and understand employee and organization talent. Data Solutions' 360 Feedback / Multi-Rater programs provide your employees with the insight and feedback they need to grow and succeed, and you can utilize group data to better understand corporate agility, bench strength, and training needs.

Experience Matters


Support individual development, coaching, training, and 360 Degree appraisal systems with Multi-Rater Feedback solutions from Data Solutions International. As the world’s largest 360 Feedback technology provider, Data Solutions offers a proven and configurable software platform to successfully implement Multi-Rater assessments. Our technology is used by over 3,500 companies globally to support individual and organization development.

Aligned to Your Business


Feeling boxed in by your current technology?  Our professional staff documents your business process and configures solutions that align with your vision. We configure the workflow, incorporate your content, and design surveys and reports that reflect your organization.

User Experience


Intuitive and easy to use. Data Solutions 360 Degree Feedback software is mobile-optimized and presents information responsively. Desktop, tablet, or smartphone, our technology adapts to the user!  



Still waiting for IT or your vendor to respond to your request? Our 360 Feedback self-service tools enable program oversight and the ability to register participants, update participant details, and generate reports. Enjoy real-time program management and access, when and where you need it, to ensure your next program runs smoothly.



Your company is global and so is Data Solutions. Every day we work with the challenge of time, distance, and language to administer surveys and provide reporting around the world. Our 360 Degree Feedback solutions are multi-lingual. We provide sales and support services globally.