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Data Solutions International:

A Global Services & Software Company

A Company History Driven by Vision


In 1997, our founder identified a need for measurement solutions tailored to organizations' specific needs. His mission was to invest in experienced people and create a SaaS company with technology that could easily scale to meet the unique needs of global organizations. 


Today we are a global leader in full-service information management and survey processing. Our services operate on a state-of-the-art software platform to facilitate workflow, survey administration, reporting and analytics. In 2012, we acquired Questar Data Systems, substantiating our position as the premier provider of global measurement solutions.

Global Expertise and Analytics Technology Leadership


For over 21 years, we have helped our clients make better decisions faster with the use of our sophisticated measurement and analytics technology. Data Solutions International, Inc. (DSI) is a full-service information management and employee survey software company helping organizations, consulting firms, and corporations enhance organizational performance through quality solutions that align with their business.


From 360 Feedback and Employee Engagement to Global Research and Talent Management, DSI supplies easy-to-use solutions tailored directly to each company’s culture, workflow, and vision. Our configurable technology features responsive designs and interactive analytic dashboards. Our tools help our clients distribute survey content and process the results at individual and organizational levels.


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