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Data Solutions...doing what other technology providers can’t. Even when you have

solid selection, appraisal, and performance data, you have the challenge of bringing

the data together to make informed decisions. DSI understands HR metrics, data mining,

and Big Data analytics. We configure our platform to optimize available data, rapidly deploy technology, and answer the pressing questions in your company.

Configured to Align With Your Business


Managers and HR business partners need access to HR metrics to make informed business decisions. Data Solutions configures technology to take advantage of available data, and frames the business problem in language familiar to your company. 

Answers at Your Fingertips


An intuitive user experience puts big data analytics technology in the hands of your business leaders and HR business partners. Easy-to-use filters and sorts take advantage of data types and your organization hierarchy.



Data Solutions facilitates data mining by providng you with dashboards that present data in easy-to-read and easy-to-understand formats. Navigation tools in the hands of your business leaders allow them to ask and answer questions about the data instantly.



You are on the move and your big data analytics need to be available anywhere. Our mobile-optimized dashboard technology makes it easy to view HR metrics on your tablet, smartphone, or desktop.