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With 80% of your future revenue coming from 20% of your current customer base*,

it pays to retain, enhance, and delight your customers. Additionally, and because current

technologies enable information to travel fast, you need to be pro-active across the

customer journey to ensure feedback is received and acted upon in a timely manner.

Customer Experience Technology Platform


Data Solutions provides a powerful CX technology platform that allows our clients to capture and act on customer feedback to improve customer acquisition, retention and growth. Our highly configurable technology ensures we meet your clients in their preferred communication channel and collect the information that is significant to your company’s success.

Data-Driven Insights


Data Solutions powerful scoring engine unifies your data and makes it available to business leaders, functional experts, and researchers in language familiar to your company. We support industry best practices and statistics (e.g.; NPS, satisfaction scores, etc.) and company specific statistics that are important measures for managing your business. Utilizing the latest NLP and AI engines we streamline the processing of qualitative data identifying themes and making it actionable.


Data Solutions offers easy-to-interpret dashboards that summarize need-to-know information. Our at-a-glance approach reveals and presents important results in easily digestible formats. Spot trends, make comparisons, recognize outliers and take action!

* Forbes, “Five Customer Retention Tips for Entrepreneurs,” Nov. 1, 2012.