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Employee Engagement

Successful companies depend on engaged employees. Research has shown that an engaged workforce is more productive, has lower turnover, and results in higher employee satisfaction. Data Solutions simplifies the complex and challenging requirements of employee surveys. Whether you have multiple survey versions, global languages, matrix hierarchy, historical data or unique reporting needs, we can deliver a successful employee survey program. Let us help you by administering your next Employee Engagement survey and see what factors are driving engagement in your company.

Project Management


We make it easy. Our project managers understand the complex nature of employee surveys including matrix organizations, year-over-year survey changes, historical equivalence, data confidentiality and access rights. Our service orientation, attention to detail, and best-practice approach will ensure your next program is a success.

Reporting Solutions
Results That Matter


Employee Engagement surveys create an endless amount of data, and Data Soutions helps you focus on the results that matter. Data Solutions offers intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards, as well as comprehensive data reports. DSI collaborates with you to create custom reporting documents in PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, or interactive dashboards. We make it easy for managers to understand survey results. Your data -  'sliced & diced' to provide the insight you need to make solid business decisions.



Your company is global and so is Data Solutions. Every day we work with the challenge of time, distance, and language to administer surveys and provide reporting around the world. Our global sales and support teams are here to serve you.

Mobile Optimized


Your employees are on the move and your survey needs to be available where they are. Our mobile-optimized survey technology makes it easy for your employees to complete surveys on a tablet, smart phone, or desktop.

Action Planning
Action Planning


The results are in! How can you affect change in your organization to improve Employee Engagement? Data Solutions implements a company-specific workflow, incorporates meaningful goal types, and includes collaboration tools to improve performance, alignment, and team-work. We have a wide range of tools and technologies to support Action Planning in your organization.