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Tom Eisma


Tom Eisma is the President of Data Solutions International (DSI). He established the firm in the first quarter of 1998 to provide technology solutions that support employee measurement. Tom has over 25 years’ experience in delivering custom employee engagement and multi-rater solutions globally to the Fortune 2000. In the past 17 years, DSI has evolved into a full service technology company providing a sophisticated software platform to facilitate workflow, survey/measurement administration, advanced reporting and analytics, and client centered administrative solutions. Tom’s responsibilities include building relationships with clients, contributing to corporate capabilities, and growing DSI’s Leadership team.

Leadership Team

Steve Eisma

VP of Sales & Marketing

Steve Eisma is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Data Solutions International (DSI).  As a founding team member with more than 15 years of experience in the HR and technology industry, Steve has worked with some of the world’s leading HR consulting and research organizations as well as multi-national corporations to deliver HR measurement solutions globally. Steve’s responsibilities include working with clients to understand their current business needs, assembling the appropriate DSI team members to formulate a response, and managing and improving the business relationship. Steve’s experiential knowledge and platform innovation ensures deliverables that exceed your expectations.

Joel Eisma

VP of Technology

Joel Eisma.  Bridging Business Challenges with Technical Solutions.

As the Director of Technology at DSI, Joel manages the software team and ensures our technology reliably meets our clients' needs today…and is ready to meet their future needs.  Our technology is constantly evolving.  Joel works closely with DSI’s Operations team to incorporate client business requests and market direction into our internet survey system. Joel’s strategic thinking has been key to DSI's success. After Joel received his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Minnesota, he built st7rong and diverse work experience while developing custom client/server business solutions for a variety of industries at Accenture. Bridging business challenges with technical solutions is natural for Joel. As an original member of the DSI team, Joel was instrumental as an architect of DSI’s Internet Survey and Reporting System. He laid a solid foundation from which he continues to build.  He has since successfully implemented hundreds of corporate-wide employee survey and talent management programs for large corporate accounts.

Don Eisma

VP of Administration/CFO

Don Eisma is an executive with experience and background in Planning, Operations Controllership, External Reporting and Audit. He brings a general management perspective in both domestic and international environments. Don’s leadership characteristics focus on business strategy, process, applications, leverage and added value. Don has extensive experience in financial and economic business management decision process, financial analysis, cash management controls, and the acquisition/divestiture of businesses. Demonstrated ability to identify business opportunities, establish priorities and resolve a wide variety of issues in a highly dynamic environment

Mark Glenzinski

VP of Operations

Mark Glenzinski is the Vice President of Operations at Data Solutions International (DSI). He is responsible for ensuring DSI’s technology is configured to support client requests and business processes for data collection and reporting initiatives. As an original member of the DSI team, Mark was instrumental as an original architect of DSI’s Internet Survey and Reporting System. He has implemented hundreds of corporate-wide employee survey and talent management programs for large corporate accounts. Mark is also responsible for working with DSI’s software development team to ensure client business request and market directions are fed into enhancing DSI’s internet survey system. Mark came to DSI with a strong and diverse work experience in developing custom client/server business solutions for a variety of industries. He is particularly effective in bridging business challenges with appropriate technical solutions.

John Venzke
Project Manager

John Venzke is a Project Manager with Data Solutions International (DSI). As a Project Manager, John’s role is to support his clients in the implementation of HR measurement solutions ranging from multi-rater assessment programs to sophisticated enterprise-wide organization surveys.  John has also worked with clients on many satisfaction and research surveys for large organizations/research companies. As a Project Manager, John is responsible for gathering project specifications, coordinating resources, and managing deliverables, along with building detailed timelines and billing the client for the work. John is the primary contact for his clients during implementation and through the administration and reporting. With over 10 years of successful Project Management experience, John’s attention to detail ensures rapid response and quality delivery of all project phases.

Darin Weber

IT Operations Manager

Darin Weber.  Collaboration.  Optimal Solutions.  Exceeding Client Expectations.

As the IT Operations Manager at DSI, Darin organizes IT resources to ensure technical requests meet our clients’ needs. He knows the business and knows technology. Darin is a master of collaborating with operations and technology to refine requirements which result in optimal solutions for our clients. This partnership is the key to ensuring  high quality and exceeding client expectations. Darin’s background enables him to be successful.  Darin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and he brings with him over 10 years of experience as a Project Manager and over 17 years of experience in the industry.