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On-Boarding & Exit Surveys

On-Boarding & Exit Surveys

Are You Winning The Talent War?

Managing employee OnBoarding and employee retention is critical to winning the talent war. Partnering with DSI for your OnBoarding Surveys provides you with an early indication of your company's ability to attract, retain, and develop future leaders. Administering Exit Surveys on DSI's platform reveals why turnover is occurring in your organization. With so much invested in your employees, it's critical to understand why they are leaving.

Aligned to Your Business


Each company has unique OnBoarding and Exit Survey needs. We work with you to integrate your HR business practices, ensuring you get surveys to the right people at the right time. Our professional staff documents your business process and implements solutions that align with your vision. We configure the workflow, incorporate your content, and design surveys and reports that reflect your organization.

Reporting Solutions
Results That Matter


Making sense of the data is what matters. Data Solutions has intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards as well as comprehensive data reports. We create custom reporting documents that enable management to better understand employee motivation and employee retention. Your data - 'sliced & diced' to provide the insight you need to make solid business decisions.

Mobile Friendly Surveys


Intuitive and easy to use. Data Solutions' OnBoarding and Exit Surveys are mobile-optimized and present information responsively. Desktop, tablet, or smartphone - our technology adapts!