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On-Boarding & Exit Surveys

On-Boarding & Exit Surveys

Transform your employee Performance Appraisal system from a painful administrative burden to a collaborative and strategic process. A well-designed appraisal system will help you build a high-performance culture where employees are inspired and aligned. Discover how easy employee Performance Appraisals can be.

Are You Making The Right Performance Decisions?

Aligned to Your Business


We are unique! Data Solutions' powerful software allows you to configure an appraisal process that aligns with your business. Unlike most appraisal products, DSI does not pre-define an appraisal solution; instead, we work with you to create a Performance Appraisal that is unique to your organization.

User Experience


How often are managers and employees accessing your Performance Appraisal system? Truth is, one or two times a year. DSI configures your performance measurement solution to dynamically present active tasks and only shows the user relevant functionality. An easy-to-understand interface ensures a successful experience.

Service Orientation
Service Orientation


Data Solutions has the experience to make your implementation a success. Our experienced team facilitates meetings, captures specifications, and designs a performance measurement solution that exceeds your expectations. You can depend on us. We live it every day and we bring our experience and knowledge to bear, ensuring you and your next project are successful.