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Data Solutions International, Inc. (DSI) based in Minnetonka, MN is pleased to announce the acquisition of Questar Data Systems, Inc. Both organizations are globally recognized providers of survey and reporting solutions including 360 Feedback, Employee Engagement Surveys, Exit Surveys and Global Research.


This brings together two highly complementary businesses to create a premier SaaS company focused on Global Research, HR measurement, and analytics. Blending Questar web solutions, best practices, and rich history with Data Solutions' focus on the customer and market-leading technology, we have created a global organization to help clients conduct research, manage talent, and improve decision making.


"For our employees and the clients they serve, this is a true win-win. We will all benefit from the combined strength of our technology platforms and our experienced employees. This merger enhances our ability to invest in our technology and enables our employees bring new and innovative solutions to our customers." said Tom Eisma, President of Data Solutions International. "If there was ever a natural business move to make, this is it.”


About Questar Data Systems, Inc.

For over 25 years, Questar web solutions has implemented questar survey programs that reflect the unique culture, vision, and goals of each client. We administer customized employee surveys, customer surveys, and global research surveys that provide actionable results. We deliver tools and critical insight to help clients worldwide successfully accomplish their key objectives.

 Data Solutions Acquires Questar Data Systems