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Results... Delivered

Making sense of data and delivering meaningful results require a sophisticated scoring engine and specialized technology. Both are hallmarks of Data Solutions' reporting. We configure clear and concise reporting solutions to meet your reporting objectives. Whether it's traditional, interactive, or ad-hoc reporting, you can rely on Data Solutions International.

Traditional Reporting


You need more than just data...You need insight. Because your organization is unique, you need unique reports. Our team meets with you to understand your reporting needs and how the results will be used in your organization. We create reports in PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint, and use a variety of charts, graphs, and data that make it easy to identify important results and insight.

Interactive Reporting


Our HR dashboard software provides a dynamic way for researchers, HR analytics business partners, and managers to explore results. Data Solutions configures HR analytics dashboards to highlight results and key performance indicators. Explore data sets, filter using demographics, 'slice & dice' data, reveal hidden information, and create the insight you need to make informed business decisions.

Ad-Hoc Reporting


Data Solutions provides the industry's most advanced capability to fully investigate survey data and generate customized reports. Our Organization Reporting Tool (ORT) allows you to define criteria and create Ad-Hoc reports in real-time. Bring data sets together to create powerful narratives and compelling visual reports. Access existing reports, create new reports, and 'slice & dice' data using our HR dashboard software.

Comment Analysis


Understand what employees are saying by using Data Solutions' web-based Comment Analysis tool. You define the comment categories, and DSI's Comment Analysis tool does the rest. You can filter and group comments based on category, organization structure, demographics, or survey items. For insight on how comments and fixed-response ratings are related, sophisticated heat map charts provide both the number of employees who commented and the intensity of their survey ratings.