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8 Reasons to use Dynamic Dashboards:

February 29, 2016

What Can a Dynamic Dashboard Do for Your Business?

Working from multiple reports with numerous amount of data can be confusing. With Data Solutions Dashboards you see what you want, when you want it, in one personalized, easy-to-use dashboard.


  1.  Instant: Real-time dashboards automatically update key metrics to gain insights in real time. No more waiting for reports.

  2. Drill-Down Analysis: With the click of a mouse, executives can drill down into the exact data they want.

  3. Secure: Encrypted data,  integrity checks, vulnerability scans, and active intrusion detection.

  4. Compatible: Mobile optimized surveys and dynamic dashboards, whenever you need them, wherever you are.

  5. Global: You’re global, we’re global; Experience a power in partnership.

  6. Translatable: Implemented in 34 languages with global support including Thai, Russian, Hebrew & Arabic, with Right-to-left display.

  7. Reliable: Disaster Recovery at a second data site. You won't lose information.

  8. Accessible: 99.9% availability guaranteed. 

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