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How can I efficiently administer my next exam?

Discover how Data Solutions International’s state-of-the-art Assessment Technology Platform can effectively administer tests for your organization. Data Solutions helps credentialing organizations, test publishers, and companies administer tests, align workflows, integrate data, and visualize results. Whether you need to administer a single test or a complex set of assessments - Data Solutions system is configured to support your unique program requirements.


Intuitive and easy to use. Data Solutions Assessment Technology Platform is mobile-optimized and presents information responsively. Desktop, tablet, or smartphone, our technology adapts to the candidate!

Aligned to Your Business


Our professional staff documents your implementation plan to configure solutions that align with your test deployment strategy and organization’s infrastructure. Whether your test requires item banking, proctoring, sophisticated scoring algorithms including Item Response Theory (IRT) or scored data files and reports we configure our system to reflect your test deployment needs.

Test Security

We understand that test security is of primary importance. Data Solutions multi-faceted approach includes protecting data in transit using https standards, sophisticated item management protocols, detailed system transaction records, and embedded outlier detection to ensure your test is protected.



Our test administration tools provide administrators with web-based tools to support program implementation and oversight. The ability to register individuals and groups, update candidate details, and generate reports in real-time ensures your next program runs smoothly.