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360 Degree Multi-Rater Feedback
360 Feedback and Multi-Rater Solutions

Intense competition and the pace of change requires that companies invest in and understand employee and organization talent. DSI 360 Degree Feedback / Multi-Rater programs provide your employees with the insight and feedback they need to grow and succeed, while your group data can be used to better understand your corporate agility, bench strength, and training needs. Learn More!

Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement Survey Solutions

Research has shown that an engaged workforce is more productive, has lower turnover, and results in higher employee satisfaction. Employee Engagement measures how passionate employees are about their work, how proud they are to tell people where they work, if they feel their work is valued, and if their talents are well utilized. Data Solutions, a SaaS provider, will simplify the complex and challenging requirements of employee surveys to deliver a successful solution. Learn More!

Global Research
Global Research

We administer large-scale, complex, data collection programs. The focus of these programs may be customer satisfaction surveys, longitudinal research, or simply data collection. We handle all aspects of your program. Our services include survey layout (paper or web), printing, mailing, distribution, receiving, data collection, editing and reporting.  We solve challenges such as multiple modes, versioning, complex branching and content-sensitive surveys. Learn More!

Dashboards & Big Data Analytics
Dashboards & Big Data Analytics

Organizations are good at creating selection, appraisal, and performance data but have difficulty bringing the data together to make informed decisions. DSI understands data mining, HR metrics, and big data analytics. Our technology is easily configured for rapid deployment to answer the pressing questions in your company. Learn More!

SaaS - Safe, Secure, Always Available! DSI is a true SaaS provider. Count on our easy-to-use technology to successfully launch your measurement programs with dependable accuracy.

Saas Company
Reporting Solutions

We configure reporting solutions to meet your program objectives in a clear and concise format. Whether it's traditional, interactive or ad-hoc reporting, you can rely on us.