Your Employee Experience Solution

Separate yourself from the competition and reduce administrative complexity, simplify the user experience, and leverage available data to make better business decisions. Data Solutions International’s SaaS-based Employee Experience Platform is configured to align with your organization‘s workflow and assessment needs. On-boarding, exit testing, employee engagement, and 360 feedback are all managed and accessed on a single platform. Data Solutions' unique approach means we can offer your company a high quality, assessment aggregator solution to meet both current and future challenges. Start making better decisions today for a brighter tomorrow.

360° Multi-Rater Feedback

Intense competition and the pace of change require that companies invest in and understand both employee and organization talent. Whether it’s an upward feedback program or a comprehensive 360 multi-rater, Data Solutions configures our system to align with your workflow, provides tools to implement and manage the program, and automates the administration. Data Solutions’ 360 multi-rater feedback technology provides your employees with the insight they need to succeed and your organization cohort data to better understand corporate agility, bench strength, and training needs. 


Employee Lifecycle Surveys

Successful companies depend on engaged employees. Research has shown that an engaged workforce is more productive, has lower turnover, and results in higher employee satisfaction. Data Solutions simplifies the complex and challenging requirements of today’s employee survey marketplace. From pulse surveys to annual census surveys, Data Solutions provides tools to manage content, organization structural changes, and integrate historical results. Whether you have multiple survey versions, global languages, or unique reporting needs, Data Solutions delivers the technology required for a successful employee survey program. Let’s work together to identify what factors are driving engagement in your company. 


Testing & Assessments

At Data Solutions we work with credentialing organizations, test publishers, and organizations to administer tests/assessments, align workflows, integrate data, and visualize results. Data Solutions partners with a number of global assessment providers, streamlining access and administration to the most popular standardized assessments. A single portal provides administrators and users an integrated experience to reduce administrative complexity, simplify the user experience, and leverage available data. Whether you need to administer a single test or a complex set of assessments - Data Solutions’ system is configured to support your unique program and help you make better business decisions.


Dashboards & Big Data Analytics

Organizations are good at creating selection, appraisal, and performance data but have difficulty bringing the data together to make informed decisions. DSI understands data mining, HR metrics, and big data analytics. Our technology is easily configured for rapid deployment to answer the pressing questions in your company.


Global Research

We administer large-scale, complex, data collection programs. The focus of these programs may be customer satisfaction surveys, longitudinal research, or simply data collection. We handle all aspects of your program. Our services include survey layout (paper or web), printing, mailing, distribution, receiving, data collection, editing and reporting.  We solve challenges such as multiple modes, versioning, complex branching and content-sensitive surveys.


Reporting Solutions

Making sense of data and delivering meaningful results require a sophisticated scoring engine and specialized technology. Both are hallmarks of Data Solutions' reporting. We configure clear and concise reporting solutions to meet your reporting objectives. Whether it's traditional, interactive, or ad-hoc reporting, you can rely on Data Solutions International.