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Features & Benefits

Configurable Technology

Not an operations expert? Rely on DSI as your trusted global service provider. We have experienced project managers and engineers to guide and facilitate the successful implementation of your next program.

Implementation Services
Private Label

Your design, your workflow, your brand. DSI configures and 'private labels' your process and survey site. When participants take a survey and managers view performance metrics, they see your brand.

Feeling 'boxed-in' by your technology? Data Solutions configures workflows that seamlessly integrate with the way you work.

The SaaS model is the new standard to deliver technology solutions. You can be sure that Data Solutions' technology is safe, secure, and always available.

SaaS Technology
Data Accuracy

Taking a survey should be easy. That’s why Data Solutions' technology automatically adjusts to your phone, tablet, or desktop.

You need high-quality solutions and a partner with a track record of success. DSI uses proven processes and procedures to ensure data accuracy in your HR metrics and analytics.

Online & Paper

Your company is global and so are we. DSI tackles the challenges of time, distance, and language to administer surveys and provide reporting around the world.

Before the web, there was paper... DSI's expertise includes blended web and paper data collection and reporting. Whatever your business challenge, we can provide a solution.


Get in, get out, and get back to work faster! Data Solutions' intuitive interface has virtually no learning curve. By dynamically presenting real-time tasks and information, we ensure a positive experience and easy access to the data you need.